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Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

What We Stand For
Quality, sustainability, transparency.

The RUUTED Englishtown recreational dispensary strives to provide their clients with the highest quality cannabis products, sourced from local New Jersey growers that put environmental and social sustainability above profit. When you purchase cannabis products from RUUTED you can be confident in knowing exactly where the product came from and that they are safe to consume. RUUTED strives for full transparency detailing all product information on the label and on our retail cannabis product packaging. If you might have questions or need consultation on cannabis products, usage, or effects any of our knowledgeable team members will be more than happy to discuss different options and advise on what might work best for you.

Community & Outreach

As we are planting our roots in Englishtown New Jersey we want our community and neighbors to know that we want to integrate and become a fundamental part of the township and the neighboring towns by doing good, we have several initiatives and programs in place to better the community and provide employment and education to local community members and residents.

Helping people establish their new roots

Setting roots in a new community is hard, we’ll give priorities to new members of Monmouth county New Jersey and work with minorities and new members of the community to help them establish strong roots by implementing a few social programs in our organization.

Generation 0. We’ll strive to employ at least 20% of our staff with people that are new immigrants or new in the local community and want to build in Monmouth county.

Single moms. Will dedicate 20% of jobs to single moms and moms that are head of household and help them establish better roots by providing a secure workplace with flexible schedule and equal pay.

Show how. We’ll have workshops for tutoring minorities and young adults on entrepreneurship, financial basics and emerging technologies to better their knowledge and future.

Good roots. A monthly local New Jersey strain that will dedicate 2% of profit which will go to local causes decided by the Englishtown township.


Our Vision

A sense of belonging is achieved through trust

RUUTED’s goal is to provide a blissful experience for every customer, by helping them with pain, stress, and relaxation, and by offering a vast variety of top tier products for all sorts of consumers.

We believe that by providing great customer service with our local friendly Englishtown staff and a personalized experience tailored to each and every costumer we can create a sense belonging and will integrate into the local Monmouth county community and be a valuable part of it.

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